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i▓on to be fun05-23-2017 14:26 BJTBy Tom McGregor, CCCTV.c▓om Panview commentator and editorOver the weekend,▓ the Danish Embassy in Beijing hosted a 2-day cele▓bration for the upcoming Children's D

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ay, which will b▓e on June 1. Denmark’s Ambassador to Chin▓a, H.E.A. Carsten Damsgaard served as host to greet 1,200 local Chinese families at the Danish compound.The CCTV.com Panview team

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had witnessed a vibrant atmosphere where a corporate sponsor - Lego - opened up a playground for children.The theme of the 2nd annual event in Beijing is, "Planet Crew" that enc▓ourages children

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to care for the eco-system and to inspire a love for renewable energies.Not marketing, but charityThe Danish Embassy children's party appeared to be a brilliant marketing strategy for Lego, but t

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he company's head of China operations, Stephen Burke, explained the charity team is separate from the corporate marketing side."20 percent of all of▓ our annual profits go to our charitable arm,

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Lego Foundation, to work with children," Burke told CCTV.com P▓anview in an exclusive interview. "In Shanghai where▓ my office is, I look for children who don't know about Leg▓o, so I can help kids

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facing challenges."He added, "But ▓our LET is not connected to the corporate marke▓ting. They (LET) focus on volunteering. They do not go to events giving sales pitches telling pare▓nts to buy

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-23-2017 22:

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